Ambar 480SC

Available -

50ml, 200ml, 500ml

Ambar 480SC is a fast acting systemic selective herbicide for the control of a variety of annual broad leaf weeds and grasses in potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, sugarcane and also a herbicides for maize crop.

Ambar 480SC Benefits

  • A broad spectrum of efficacy
  • It’s reliable activity via root and leaf with a quick penetration rate
  • An excellent weed control after early and post emergence herbicide application
  • Reliable performance on numerous crops
  • Cost effective compared to manual labour
  • Broad crops use


Active Ingredient: Metribuzin 480g/L

Dosage and administration

Mode of action

Ambar 480SC is absorbed via roots and foliage and translocated acropentally in the xylem.The product may be applied both pre and early post-emergence to weeds.

When used pre-emergence adequate soil moisture is required for activation. Organic matter content and soil texture have a marked effect on the herbicidal activity and crop compatibility of Ambar 480SC. Slightly higher dosage rates are required on soils of high organic matter and clay content.





1-2L/Ha using 400L of water per hectare or 50-100ml /20L of water

Apply pre-emergence or post emergence but before crop reaches 10cm height and before weeds reach a height of 4cm


1-2L/Ha using 400L of water per hectare or 50-100ml/20L of water

Apply pre-emergence to weeds, one day after planting. For post emergence to weed, apply before weeds reach a height of 4cm