CKL Africa

Who We Are

For more than 100 years, CKL has been the leading animal health company in East Africa.

CKL Africa Ltd has been the leading animal health company in East and Central Africa, since inception in 1906.

For over a century, CKL has delivered high-quality products and solutions for livestock farming.

CKL is a principal supplier of tried, tested and trusted brands in animal health and crop farming sectors, all developed with the key objectives of increasing production and productivity on the farms. The quality of Our Brands that make up the range of high-quality products and solutions offering by CKL is unparalleled in the region.

Through our exclusive countrywide distributor system, a strong regional presence in Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda, we ensure our products are readily available throughout the greater East Africa region conveniently and cost-efficiently.

Our Strategy


Why We are Here

To experience the fulfillment of creating excellence

Corporate Goal

Enabling Africa to be a global leader in food production

What we believe in


Good relationships are important to us. We depend on one another & support each other in achieving our goals.

Keeping Promises

We live on the foundation of integrity and trust.


We strive with devotion commitment & perseverance for our cause and the goals we set.

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