Change of Name to CKL Africa Ltd - CKL Africa Ltd
Change of Name to CKL Africa Ltd

Change of Name to CKL Africa Ltd

Cooper K-Brands Limited has officially changed name to CKL Africa Ltd, effective Monday, 09 November, 2020.

“Our new name leverages on our long history and heritage and goes further to embed our aspirations for the future. Our journey and purpose is ‘to experience the fulfilment of creating excellence’ and we continue to remain true, committed and passionate to our goals” said Mucai Kunyiha, Group CEO, CKL Africa Ltd.

CKL Africa Ltd has operated its business in Kenya and the region for over 100 years with two subsidiary companies in Rwanda and Uganda.

“We continue to play a critical role in the agricultural sector by providing farmers with high quality products and solutions in livestock and crop farming. We aspire to do more.  Our promise is to deliver increased productivity on the farms by providing farmers with a range of high-quality products and solutions as we seek to enable Africa to be a global leader in food production. We assure you of our resilience, integrity and trust as we enter into another phase of growth in our business” said Catherine Gitobu, Managing Director, CKL Africa Ltd.

As CKL Africa Ltd, we take this opportunity to notify all our stakeholders on the following:

  • Our bank accounts, KRA PIN/VAT numbers and telephone numbers will remain the same.
  • Our current contracts will not be affected by our change in name.
  • All new and renewed contracts will incorporate our new company name.
  • We shall honor Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments with Cooper K-Brands Limited up to 31st December 2020.
  • We request all our suppliers to update their customer information by 31st December 2020.
  • Our corporate branding will start incorporating our new name ‘CKL Africa Ltd’ effective today.

CKL Africa Ltd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of agricultural inputs for Livestock, Crop Protection, Poultry and Pet products in East and Central Africa.