CKL Donates Kupacide Disinfectant worth Kshs 1.6 Million towards COVID-19 Fund

CKL has donated Kupacide Disinfectant worth Kshs. 1.6 million towards Kenya’s COVID-19 Fund. Kupacide is a broad-spectrum liquid disinfectant containing glutaraldehyde as the active ingredient. It is suitable for disinfecting all surfaces, walls and floors, and is simple to use after appropriate dilution with water. Due to its high efficacy against a wide range of microbes and viruses, it is especially suitable for use in areas with high traffic, such as health centres or quarantine holding areas. The disinfectant is also suitable for home use.

Packed in 80 cartons of 4×5-litres, the Kupacide disinfectant was received by Major Julius Matiri of Kenya Armed Forces (KDF) at Kahawa Garrison.

Through this donation, CKL joins other manufacturers through the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) in support of Kenya during COVID-19 pandemic. Other social responsibilities CKL has undertaken during this challenging time include provision of hand washing water tanks and soaps to Kitisuru’s informal settlement in Nairobi and vulnerable population in Nyandarua County.