poultry production in Kenya

Looking for increased production in poultry? A balanced immune system is what all poultry need



In today’s modern production system, there are many sources of stress that can affect production and profitability for your poultry range.

  • Environmental (air quality, litter, bacteria load)
  • Facility system (stocking density)
  • Weather (temperature fluctuations)
  • Disease
  • Labor
  • Vaccinations
  • Diet changes
  • Mycotoxins

It’s important to identify symptoms of poultry stress in the earliest stages possible to prevent dangerous health problems from occurring among your flocks. Production levels increase exponentially in the absence of poultry stress.

The 5 most common symptoms of poultry stress are:

  • Weight loss
  • Reduced egg production
  • Lowered livability
  • Increased feed conversion ratio
  • Immune suppression and increased susceptibility to diseases


A balanced immune system, good nutrition and proper hygiene keep stress in check. Good hygiene ensures healthy birds and this can be achieved by cleaning and disinfecting their premises with Kupacide which has 7-14 days residual activity and can be used even in the presence of the birds.


Enhancing the immune system through proper nutrition has become critical as it reduces the use of antibiotics. The problem becomes how to achieve and maintain such a balanced immune system when nutrition is compromised by mycotoxin exposure.

How to prevent mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are highly toxic secondary metabolic end products of molds. They are tasteless, odorless, invisible, chemically stable, and occur under natural conditions in feed. Observing basic symptoms and being cognizant of the main toxic effects is the best method producers have to help control the potential economic losses due to mycotoxins. T5Z is a broad spectrum mycotoxin binder. It is both curative and preventive and gives a comprehensive solution against mycotoxins in poultry feed at a minimum rate of 1kg per ton (100gm to 100kg). Additionally, using a proactive approach toward proper nutrition will have a major impact on the profitability of your poultry farming.

Immune response

Diamond V XPC influences the gut microbiota (good bacteria) therefore improving the gut health. Digestive system is compromised when the population of bad bacteria outweighs the good bacteria. Diamond V XPC helps to increase the population of good bacteria therefore keeping the immune system ready to handle stress.

The intestine contains some of the most rapidly dividing tissues in the body. Because of this, the tissue is more susceptible to oxidative stress and breakdown. Diamond V XPC has been shown to maintain gut morphology by helping the animal’s immune system stay in balance, promoting natural levels of intestinal microbiota, and maintaining normal health during stress.

You can measure the value of Diamond V XPC in three ways:

  • Production performance
  • Growth and feed efficiency
  • Bird health and livability (lower mortality)


It is important to formulate a diet that encompasses the bioavailability and utilisation of nutrients from various food sources. Digestion is a 2-step process. First, ingested feed materials are broken down into readily absorbable nutrients by digestive enzymes. Some animals lack the capacity to breakdown complex fibers into readily absorbable nutrients. The quality of raw materials is always a challenge due to presence of high levels of indigestible fiber that locks nutrients that would otherwise be more bioavailable to the animals. Natuzyme is a cocktail of high quality and multi-activity feed enzyme that enables better nutrient utilisation resulting to high quality meat for broilers and eggs for layers. It is added to feeds at the rate of 350gms/Ton of broiler feed and 250gm/ton of layer feed. Second, these nutrients are taken up by the body and absorption completes the digestion process. During absorption, it is critical to ensure all nutrients are absorbed to minimize nutrient wastage and increase availability of high levels of energy for the birds.  Normally animals loose close to 30-35 % of nutrients due to various factors in the GIT (gastrointestinal tract). These nutrients can be availed to the animal with inclusion of Lipidol which enhances absorption into the cells therefore improving performance and saving cost of feed. Lipidol is added to poultry feeds at the rate of 0.5-1kg in a ton.

Synergic effects of T5Z, Diamond V XPC, Natuzyme and Lipidol can provide additional cost savings in poultry feed formulation through complete digestion, improved immunity, and reduced stress.  In return, the birds increase egg production, egg weight, growth rate, weight gain and more!