Alphasin 100EC™

Available -

50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 1L, 5L

A broad-spectrum insecticide for the control of a wide range of insect pests in ornamentals, vegetables, field crops, cereals and fruit trees.

Alphasin 100EC™ Properties

  • Alphasin 100EC™ is a contact insecticide with quick know-down effect.
  • Suitable against both sucking and chewing insect pests.
  • For use on a wide range of crops.
  • Not phytotoxic at the recommended rate
  • Relatively short Pre-Harvest interval

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Active Ingredient: alpha-Cypermethin 100 gr/lt

Dosage and administration

  • Alphasin 100EC™ is recommended to be applied upon the pest appearance.
  • Always ensure good coverage of the leaf surface with the spraying mixture.


  • Better to use Alphasin 100EC™ early in the morning or late in the evening. Avoid high temperatures.