Bravecto Spot-On for Cats

Available -

112.5mg, 250mg, 500mg

Bravecto Spot-On for Cats ® is broad-spectrum efficacy (Ticks, Fleas and Mites) with the following features:

  • Long-lasting, 3 months flea, tick and ear mite protection
  • Fast-acting (kills ticks and fleas within 8 hrs)
  • Very high safety margin, 5 times the clinical dose
  • The simple twist-n-use application tube allows for quick and easy application, the cap does not come off so, no small parts that can be a risk for young children.
  • Enhances compliance (decreases chances of pet owner noncompliance compared to monthly products)
  • For use as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis
  • Highly effective against fipronil resistant fleas
  • It has been tested and found safe in kittens at least 11 to 13 weeks of age at 5x the clinical dose.


Each tube is formulated to provide a minimum dose of 40mg fluralaner/kg body weight. Each ml contains 280mg Fluralaner.

Dosage and administration

Body Weight Ranges (Kgs)
Fluralaner content (mg/tablet) Chews Administered
1.2 – 2.8 112.5 One
> 2.8 – 6.25 250 One
> 6.25 – 12.5 500 One


  • For cats, apply at the base of the skull, to ensure the wet product cannot be licked.
  • Apply in one spot for cats <6.25 kg, and two spots for cats >6.25 kg.