CKL Xtra Champs

Available -

1kg, 2kg & 5kg packs

CKL Xtra Champs offers a perfect combination of key benefits to high producing cows. The balance of trace elements, vitamins and bio- molecules in CKL Xtra Champs is carefully put together to deliver the following benefits in your herd:

  1. Fertility benefits

Support regular heat, cycling, and heat signs, conception, pregnancy maintenance needs, and post calving health for high yielding cows.

  1. Health benefits

CKL Xtra Champs optimises the immunity function of the cow while maximising other physiological functions of your champion milkers!

  • Improved resistance to diseases
  • Reduced cases of milk ketosis & milk fever
  • Better rumen function
  1. Production benefits

CKL Xtra Champs has rumen-protected (bypass) amino acids for increased bio availability. These amino acids help to boost milk synthesis leading to increased milk production &  better milk quality (higher components i.e. fat and protein)



Dosage and administration

Give 150g per cow (6 heaped tablespoons)