Ckl Xtra Legends

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Young calves require the right mineral supplementation for optimal growth, to achieve both pre and post- weaning weight early and eventually early puberty. CKL Xtra Legends offers a perfect combination 3 key benefits to both calves and young heifers;

  • Health benefits – Improved immunity, less stress
  • Performance benefits – Fast growth rate and weight gain.
  • Fertility benefits – Ensures optimal growth and integrity of reproductive organs, hence early puberty and conception when the time comes.

Ckl Xtra Legends Health Benefits

  • Contains Diamond V a yeast metabolite that improves gut health, minimises stress and promotes faster rumen development which is key for early and smooth transition to solid feeds (weaning).
  • Has the perfect combination of highly stable and bioavailable Vitamins A, D and E which optimises the immunity function of the calf while maximising other physiological functions of the body. At this age, performance (growth rate) is intertwined to immunity.
  • Contains Lipidol ® which maximises absorption of nutrients thus enhancing weight gain, growth rate with minimal nutrients wastage. This in combination with highly bio available macro and trace elements supports muscular skeletal development for optimum growth hence early puberty.

Dosage and administration

CKL Xtra Legends is for feeding to calves from the age of 1 week to 5 months. From 6 months the heifer should transition to Maclik Plus.
Feeding rate(g/day):

Age (Months) Amount per day (in grammes) In tablespoons
1 50g 2.5
2 60g 3
3 70g 3.5
4 80g 4
5 90g 4.5

At 6 months transition to Maclik Plus at a rate of 100g per day and continue as per instructions on the pack

To use, place the right amount of CKL Xtra Legends in a suitable clean container e.g. a plastic bucket for the calf to lick.

Always observe hygiene as calves at a young age are highly susceptible to scours which is caused by poor hygiene.