CKL Xtra Mali

Available -

1kg, 2kg & 5kg packs

CKL Xtra Mali is a mineral supplement targeted for use by farmers rearing sheep and goats for meat.

Health Benefits

Supports immune function and as a result boosts resistance to diseases giving you a fast growing and healthy herd.

Helps to prevent mineral deficiencies and related health problems.

Performance Benefits

Provides essential trace and macro elements for healthy growth and development which leads to achieving optimal weight gain and maturity faster.

Promotes healthy skin and coat.

CKL Xtra Mali Fertility Benefits

A balanced Mineral that supports reproductive health to keep those younglings coming and have a good survival rate.

Enhanced fertility and therefore a fast-growing herd.

Dosage and administration

Feeding Rate (g/day)


20g /1 tablespoon


30g /2 tablespoons