Diamond V XPC

Available -

100gm, 200gm, 400gms, 1.25kg, 25kg

Diamond V XPC is a feed ingredient containing nutritional metabolites created through an exclusive fermentation process which ensures the preservation of yeast factors, B-vitamins and other nutritional fermentation products. It is designed for further manufacture of nutritionally balanced feeds for cattle, pigs, equines and pets.

Diamond V XPC helps stimulate production of both fibre digesting and lactic acid utilizing bacteria by providing essential metabolites which enhances bacterial reproduction and fermenting ability. This in turn helps to enhance volatile fatty acid (VFA) production and energy availability for health and production hence a better return on feed investment.

What are the key benefits?

Improved rumen health translates into better performing calves and cows that are more capable of reaching their genetic potential. Research has shown Original XPC supports:



Early Lactation

Mid to Late Lactation

Rumen development

Body Maintenance

Dry Matter Intake

Milk Production

Starter Intake

Dry Matter Intake

Milk Production

Feed Efficiency

Average Daily Gain

Milk Production

Cow Health

Cow Health

Calf Health

Cow Health

Dosage and administration

Original XPC is the most concentrated, lowest inclusion form of Diamond V’s Original line of products.The recommended feeding rates are:


  • Pre-weaning calves 3.5 g/head/day (1/2 Teaspoon)
  • Post-weaning calves 7.0 g/head/day (1 Heaped Teaspoon)
  • Non-Lactating Cows 14 g/head/day (1 Heaped Tablespoon)
  • Lactating Cows 14 g/head/day (1 Heaped Tablespoon)


  • Nursery Pigs – 2Kg/MT
  • Grower/Finisher Pig – 1Kg/MT