Kupakula Gold

Available -

2Kg, 5Kg

For dairy cattle

Milk production in dairy cows is greatly limited by reduced/inadequate protein intake. KUPAKULA Gold ® is a premium supplement that is fortified with Diamond V ® and contains readily bioavailable energy, by-pass protein, phosphorous, calcium, Vitamin A and all essential amino acids including, methionine and lysine.

It is designed for lactating cattle with high protein requirements, for “Steaming “in the last two weeks of pregnancy and for livestock consuming moderate to low quality pasture.

KUPAKULA Gold ® provides energy and protein in a form directly utilized by the animal (by-pass protein and fat) with the additional benefit of enhanced digestion and nutrient absorption.

KUPAKULA Gold is ideal for farmers who:

  • Want to increase milk output based on current milk production using a high protein supplement that is extremely palatable, and maintains controlled daily consumption.
  • Need to supply additional protein to livestock feeding on lower protein pastures.
  • Desire to increase pasture utilization by combining a balance of energy and by-pass protein sources to help maintain cattle during drought and enhance milk production.
  • Optimise output by maximising feed digestion and efficiency in the animal