Kupakula Nutrition

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Kupakula Nutrition Formula is a premium supplement containing readily bioavailable energy, by-pass protein, Phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A and all the essential amino acids including methionine and lysine.

It is designed for livestock with a high protein requirement, for “steaming” in the last two weeks of pregnancy and for livestock consuming moderate to low quality pasture. KUPAKULA™ NUTRITION FORMULA provides energy and protein in a form directly utilized by the animal (by-pass protein and fat). Therefore, the benefit from Kupakula Nutrition Formula is four-fold:

  • High energy, which supports higher production even in dry periods.
  • Vitamin A, for the protection of the cow’s epithelial integrity and against diseases.
  • High-quality protein, (by-pass protein at 44 %) for enhanced production during dry periods.
  • The amino acid profile closely resembles the requirement for livestock and includes methionine and lysine which are essential in improving livestock production.

Kupakula nutrition is ideal for farmers who:

  • Want to maintain output in production during dry periods (when pasture is insufficient) using a high protein supplement that is extremely palatable, and maintains controlled daily consumption.
  • Need to supply additional protein to livestock feeding on lower protein pastures.
  • Desire to increase pasture utilization by combining a balance of energy and by-pass protein sources to help maintain cattle during drought and enhance production.


Nutrient Contents (Each 1 kg contains):

Protein minimum 42%
By pass Protein 44% of Protein
Fat 4%
Methionine 0.50%
Lysine 0.50%
Metabolic energy 11.6 MJ/Kg


  • This product is designed for beef cows, sheep and goats during drought and/or for maintenance and basic production.
  • The product is also suitable as a supplement for cattle with high protein requirements (Replacement heifers, gestating cows and rapidly growing calves).


Dairy and Beef Cows

Add Kupakula Nutrition Formula daily to feed as recommended below:

  • Each cow 400gm per day
  • Each heifers and calves 200 gm per day
  • Each sheep and goat 80 gm per day