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1Kg, 20Kg

Lipidol is an animal nutritional supplement absorption accelerator based on highly concentrated functional Lysophospholipids.

LPLs are made from enzymatic hydrolysis (by phospholipase A) of the phospholipids by removing one of the fatty acid chains. Phospholids naturally exist in small proportion in the cell membranes.

Lipidol is prepared from a high concentration of functional Lysophospholipids product made from soybean lecithin using patented technology.


  • The act or process in living organisms of breaking down ingested food material into easily absorbed and assimilated substances by the action of enzymes and other agents
  • Digestion=Degradation + Absorption
  • Breaking down ingested food materials by Degradation accelerator –enzymes
  • Easily absorbed and assimilated substances by Absorption accelerator


  • Minimizes nutrients wastage by enhancing absorption into the cell membrane
  • Has high levels of energy thus enhancing energy savings in feed formulation
  • Animal nutritional supplement enhances growth performance in young growing animals/broilers
  • Improves egg weight and grade
  • Improves Volatile Fatty Acids production and absorption in ruminants
  • Increased variability of raw materials used in feed formulation
  • Lipidol can be used across all animals species


0.5 -1kg in a ton of feeds