Maclik XP

Available -

10Kg, 20Kg

Xtra Phosphorus, Xtra Production, Xtra Profits!

What is Maclik XP?

It is a new, advanced mineral supplement for dairy cattle.

In addition to the 15 mineral elements, it also contains Xtra Phosphorous, Bioplexes and Vitamin E for Xtra production and Xtra profits

Xtra Phosphorous

The phosphorous in Maclik XP has a 95% bioavailability to the animal  and this guarantees:

  • Increased milk production
  • Improved reproductive performance

Bioplexes (Chelated minerals)

The Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Selenium and Zinc in Maclik XP are available in Chelated form, making them about 95% available as compared to inorganic minerals that are about 1-20% available.

As a result:

  • Increased milk production (Co).
  • Better immunity, healing of wounds (Zn).
  • Improved conception and cows coming back to heat (Mn).
  • Reduced incidence of retained placenta (Se).
  • Improved appetite (Co, Cu).
  • Decreased sub-clinical mastitis (Se).
  • Improved smooth hair coat (Co, Cu).
  • Chelated minerals do not have antagonistic relationships with other minerals.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E combined with selenium helps in:

  • Reduction of reproductive disorders
  • Decreased sub-clinical mastitis
  • Improved immune function