Spot On

Available -

100ml, 500ml & 5L

A topical application for the control of flies, lice, keds and ticks on livestock
• Ready to use liquid
• Deltamethrin 10%
• Available in packs 100ml, 500ml & 5L

• Coopers Spot on is a ready-to-use preparation for topical application.
• Light stable synthetic pyrethroid (SP) with potent residual insecticidal activity.

Dosage and administration

Apply on one (or multiple) spots on the midline of the back starting from between the shoulders.

Directions for Use:

Target Parasite

Lice Control

Fly Control

Tick Control


10 ml

Repeat after 6-8 weeks
if needed


Repeat after 2-3 weeks

For use against single-host (Boophilus) ticks only, apply the dose as a single backline stripe from shoulders to rump.

Calves upto 150kg


Yearlings 150-300kg


Adult Cattle


To reduce single and multi host ticks, the dose should be applied to the areas mostly affected by ticks e.g. 1/3 on the head between the ears, half as a stripe along the backline and the remainder on the tail root.

Repeat as necessary.



• For tick, lice and ked control
• May be applied to full fleece or newly shorn sheep and, lambs.
• Apply directly on one spot to newly shorn sheep or part the fleece before

• Eradication of keds and lice will be effected in 4-5 weeks. • Control of ticks for 4-6 weeks is normal.


One treatment will eradicate lice.

When applied to suckling sows one treatment will also eradicate lice from their piglets.

Deltamethrin is toxic to fish.
Spillage/splash onto the skin should be washed off with soap and plenty of water.


For control of biting and nuisance flies, lice, keds, and ticks on livestock.


• Use Coopers Spot On at intervals of 2-8 weeks depending on the target parasite and the parasite pressure. e.g. increase frequency of application in rainy seasons when flies or ticks infestation is higher.
• Use a measure cup or syringe to draw the right amount of Coopers Spot On to apply as per instructions.
• Do not dilute, use Coopers Spot On as is.


Store in a cool, dry place.