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20ml, 40ml

Butalex is a clear ruby-red solution for the treatment of theileriosis in cattle.


Each 1ml of Butalex contains 50 mg Buparvaquone.

Dosage and administration

  • Butalex is administered as a single dose at the rate of 1ml per 20kg bodyweight (equivalent to 2.5mg buparvaquone/ kg body weight).
  • In severe and advanced cases, a second treatment may be required at 48-72 hrs after the initial injection at the same dose rate.
  • Route of administration is as an intramuscular injection into the neck muscles.
  • Avoid wet or dirty areas of the skin.
  • No more than 10ml should be injected into a single site.


  • Butalex should never be given by intravenous or subcutaneous injection.
  • Localised, painless, oedematous swelling may occasionally be at the injection site


Butalex is indicated for the treatment of theileriosis (East Coast Fever, Corridor disease, Tropical theiriosis etc) in cattle caused by Theiria parva, T. annulata, T. mutans, and T. orientalis.

It is active against both the Schizonts and piroplasms stages of theileria and may be used during  the incubation period of the disease or when clinical signs are apparent.


  • Store below 25°C, protected from light.
  • Do not freeze.


  • Meat – 42 days
  • Milk – 48 hours

Recovered animals develop homologous immunity. However infections with antigenically unrelated species or strains may require further treatment with Butalex.

Theiriosis has severe depressant effects on the immune system. Therefore it is recommended that any vaccination be delayed until the animal has recovered.