CKL Milking Salve

Available -

50gms, 100gms, 250gms, 400gms, 1Kg, 2Kg

CKL Milking Salve is an off-white medicated milking jelly with antiseptic, non-tainting and non-staining properties.


It contains Dichlorophene 0.55% w/w and Lanolin (2% w/w).


  • It is indicated for application on the milker’s hands, Cow’s Udder and teats during milking.
  • Routine use of CKL Milking Salve will increase the natural resistance of the skin of the cow’s teats to bacterial infection.
  • Lanolin, which is a natural skin constituent in all healthy animals, aids in the healing and skin-toning quality of CKL Milking Salve.


Directions for Use

Hand Milking:
Wash hands, Udder and Teats with clean warm water. Shake off the excess water and then work the desired amount of CKL Milking Salve into the hands before applying adequate quantities to the teats.

Using Machine milking:
Apply CKL Milking Salve as instructed under Hand milking either when stripping the udder or as a protectant to prevent sore or chapped teats.

Chapped and sore Teats:
If used regularly as a massage ointment and lubricant, the milking salve prevents the Udder from cracking, the teats from cracking and chapping, and keeps the skin soft and healthy.

Many cases of mastitis are caused by cross-infection from infected to clean udders particularly when minor wounds and abrasions are present. The regular use of CKL Milking Salve is recommended to aid rapid healing of such wounds and abrasions and to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Application of an ointment externally will not cure mastitis.