Twist 100EC Herbicide

Available -

200ml, 500ml, 1L & 5L

Twist 100EC  is a post emergence herbicide which controls grass weeds in wheat and other grains, such as rice.

Twist 100EC Benefits

  • Controls a wide range of grass weeds
  • Fast and reliable action, stops growth within 48 hrs.
  • Works under different weather conditions
  • Allows flexibility in timing stage of application
  • No crop rotation restrictions.

Mode Action

  • Systemic action


  • Clodinofab Propagyl

Dosage and administration

  • 750ml – 1ltrs/200ltrs per HA
  • Pre Harvest Interval: 39 days


  • Best when applied at the start of tillering and up to jointing in wheat. Rate: 750ml – 1ltrs/200ltrs per HA


  • Effective against a large number of different grass weeds, among them Rye grass, Canary garss, Foxtail, Lovegrass, Wild Oats.