Trilk Premium

Available -

1Kg, 5kg and 25Kg packs

Although genetic improvement in dairy cattle has led to a higher production of milk with higher fat and protein content, the levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements have not increased accordingly; posing a risk of deficiencies of magnesium, copper, iron that often occur leading to hair discoloration, anaemia, weak calves etc.

Trilk allows the calf to get all the energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements it needs, without stressing the rumen development of the calf.

The risk of diarrhoea & digestive disorders is significantly reduced when Trilk is used since the product is whey based and does not contain skimmed milk powder.

Benefits of Using Trilk

  • Trilk is made from easily digestible sources of energy and protein, thereby creating a smooth transition from colostrum to Trilk.
  • High-quality raw materials ensuring a high degree of safety for the calf.
  • Excellent solubility which enables easy application while mixing.
  • Focus on palatability, the milk has an attractive taste.
  • Calves are naturally choosy when it comes to food but they will love to drink Trilk.
  • Availability in convenient packs (1Kg & 5Kg  and 25kg).